Hello! You found us. How incredible it is to meet you.

We've been hearing from teachers that Node Chronicles is helping students gather more context around the computer science and technology world, so we thought we'd open up our company for teacher feedback this 2021 and 2022 school year.

What we do.

We make graphic novels, apps, posters and other materials using elaborate art, illustration and comics to tell important cultural stories about the world of technology. We go back as far as the ancient Egyptians, all the way to present breakthroughs we're seeing at universities across the world. We highlight the key people in tech (we call them legends), we turn symbols into hieroglyphs to help with memory and we even created a bunch of cool stuff kids can unpack inside our app.

Here's a quick peek at some of our stuff...

Teacher BETA Review Program

Our BETA Mission

As you can see, we've put a lot of time and effort into the creation of something that feels like Fortnite, Harry Potter or Magic Cards, but for STEM! What a great idea? We know, right?

Unfortunately, launching a product and a company isn't easy. There's so much we need to do to keep this going. To find our place within education, we're now at the point where we need teachers to help us with feedback, so we can make the necessary changes and validate our concepts. We've created a full featured product at this point that just needs a little nudge and some support, so we thought we'd ask you for help. Who better, right?

The Components of Node Chronicles

Node Chronicles currently has three 52-page books. Each book is about 30 minutes worth of reading. We also have an APP for iPhone and Android that provides an additional 4-5 hours of adventurous learning. The premise of the app is to help readers fill in missing pieces of the graphic novel plots by collecting and learning about legends, the symbols and elements.

Here's a video of the app in action. Tap the play button or the video to view.


You see what we are trying to do, right?

Doing something this creative requires a huge amount of risk. Without educators volunteering for our BETA, we might not be able to go on. So far, Node Chronicles has over 50 schools signed up to test and review our products, and help make them better. Our goal is to be in 500 schools this year for our first study. As part of our validation plans, we expect to see a major university come into help us better understand all the feedback and impacts our products might have on students.

Intended Impacts and Product Methodology

A lot of studies show that kids take in and can memorize a lot of incredible information when playing games. There are also many different types of games and semiotics to think about. A recent trend amongst gamers has been the digital asset space, where fans and users collect objects, player cards, tools and even art. We setup our product and APP similar to this. In the education space right now, there's really nothing like Node Chronicles.

Without getting into a whole paper on what we do, here are some of the genius little ideas we've come up with. Infuse fiction and non-fiction together in digital texts with bits of animation, collectables and questions in short form. Reward readers every few minutes with a fun interactive surprise. Later, readers can go back and view the items they collected and learn more and memorize them, sorta like flash cards!

We also make it a point not to take things too seriously in the books so things get dry and too technical. The stories read more like an adventure, but to get the full payoff, you need to do a little work. The choices we made in the writing and sequential art are not what you might expect from a technical or instructional comic. We feel this was important not to scare young ones away.

The main goal of our products is inspiration and motivation. In our research, we found kids get thrown into subjects like physics, math and code, but could use a little more storytelling and magic around the history, present and future -- that we could all do a better job of making kids want to learn this on their own, or turn it into a hobby. The G-Neeks get it (their the coolest people on the planet right now).

Next Steps

It's really simple. Just fill out this form and we'll send you a link with a FREE invite to order our classroom BETA kit, free of charge. No strings attached, just order and hopefully give us some feedback. If Node Chronicles is something that can fit into your classroom as either library material, independent reading or as part of your education plan, we'll help you with all the necessary teaching guides and can provide additional classroom materials such as posters, stickers and rewards for students who love the program.

Note: If you received a link to the free sample book on Twitter, go ahead and checkout on our shop and order the book for free. We'll be in touch after you've had time to review.