The Hacker Way is starting to ship!

Overview: If you cannot help yourself, you'll never be able to help anyone else. The Hacker Way as a powerful mindset. You'll need it to make it on this journey. 

Issue 1 introduced a massive idea to readers prompting a search for truth, power, sustainability and prosperity. 

Special Guest: Introduces first historical figure, Nikola Tesla. Suggests there’s some unfinished business we as humans need to figure out.

Lesson 1: Setting up Linux and how to SSH into your machines. Figure out the password and SSH into the Nodechron server for a reward. 

Bonus Lessons: Creating a starship coil and toggle on and off your electromagnetic field. See first hand what happens when you send voltage into a coil. Compare mediums and materials for information transfer. Examine lidar and lasers, what are they and how they're playing a role in the search for life on other planets. Intro to the GPIO.

Prizes: 1 Playstation 5, 50 T-Shirts, Stickers and 10 FREE Hackpacks.