Ages ago, when humans first began experimenting with technology, Gods were assigned to represent vital information. The Gods then vowed to forever teach the people how to build and create things; so they could live well, and prosper.

As each tribe received their teachings, people built more, and more, and more. With their knowledge, earth dwellers morphed into an advanced civilization.

Tragically, over time, priorities were forgotten and sacred knowledge was often lost. This was bound to happen, even expected. The loss of priorities gave rise to warlords and vulnerable populations. Kings and dictators soon used their power to create advanced weapons and killing machines out of technology - to conquer more land and riches. As vicious might became a measure of modern glory, people became trapped inside illusions of what success really meant, while the “Powers that Be” eventually gained control.

One day, the time came for people to take a stand and rethink their priorities, and what it meant to be human. The people began asking: “Why are we here and where is technology taking us?”

While the Gods were no longer believable to all, why they existed in the first place was now clear to Gou Sokyeo, his brother Nōn and sister Lilu, the G-Neeks, and many others. They were metaphors, designed to keep us on task.

By the 2000’s, just as fast as all the universities in the world produced new exotic theories, technologists were cracking the code in unthinkable ways. The G-Neeks were now turning science fiction theories into realities, each and every day.

As the new turbulent era began, the G-Neeks formed under one rule: bring the necessary knowledge to the people and help keep everyone educated. To help do so, the G-Neeks resurrected new Gods in the form of symbols, to make our true priorities clear again. Like minded people soon became connected by the new hieroglyphs. With each element, you, the reader, can now unlock real world super powers capable of changing the future.

As members of the technology community discovered this new holy grail, they united on Discord. They became connected through a new node network of technology practices called The Ten Branches. A new periodic table of sorts, categorized by the fundamental fields of technology, was considered The Only Truth. The G-Neeks, using nothing more than current scientific starting points, began to guide mankind in a new direction. As a result, the G-Neek community quickly became more powerful than any other establishment in the world. And they did it, peacefully.

To be clear, there were no sole creators of NodeChron and The 10 Branches of Tech. It was simply a realization that we humans have already discovered valuable information and that the time is now for us to unlock its true power.

As you learn more about NodeChron, you’ll find that the Symbols, Elements and Legends you collect in the books are the actual power! If you haven’t already downloaded the app and scanned your first symbol, you should do so now.


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