The Node Chronicles Mission



The Node Chronicles was created with one purpose. To inspire young generations to want to learn about technology. The Node Chronicles is written and illustrated by a small group of people who believe in self-fulfilling prophecies - the good kind. We believe that anyone, anywhere in the world, can use technology to become a real-world superhero and that we should invest everything possible towards this outcome. 

As a small team working together for more than five years, Franck Jones and Christian Colbert spent thousands of hours testing ideas with various ages and demographics to understand what motivates learners in different environments. We found endless barriers, questions, and insights when we did this, making the challenge more exciting every day. 

“Our mission to want to mix real technology with comics has been consistent. What we say, talk about, or create, has been an endless sea of options. The complete technology picture is vast. Humans have been improving on each other’s inventions for thousands of years. Where do we begin, and where does it end?”