Franck Jones

Franck Jones unorthodox style and background fuel left-field ideas and philosophies found in his texts. A technologist and human-computer interaction fanatic by trade, Jones looks to hi-jack comics, semiotics and other gamification trends to captivate readers of all ages. He says most of his readers are adults who love comics and tech, but teens, including his own, are now getting the picture.

About The Node Chronicles

In you we trust.

The Node Chronicles was created by a group of people who believe in self fulfilling prophecies - the good kind. They believe that by creating a story about a boy, who starts a clan, who's mission it becomes to educate the world, so everyone can help themselves, is something we all should invest in. 

Gou Sokyeo and his friends are more than figments of some comic book nerds imagination. Infact, the original writers weren't even comic book professionals by trade. They were in tech and many of the things they chose to include they watched happen across the industry. Crazy things happen in tech. People get rich, people die, people get tossed in jail, people go bankrupt, people change the World, for good and for bad, often by accident.

The real world characters found in the books have all had crazy lives. The ones alive today, are literally going to other planets. 

Maybe you've heard stories about Nikola Tesla, but don't act like you know about the Traitorous 8, Ken Thompson, John Bardeen and Jack Kilby, Lady Ada and the Women who Code, Sir Berners Lee and Alan Turing. And don't pretend there's a recent technology history book either. It's all happened too fast.

That's what Node Chronicles is. It's a single unified picture of our civilizations technology history with only the most important lessons you need to learn as you venture into the future. Arguably, everything always has been and will always be about our technological evolution and where we're going as a human race. Some say Mars now, some say beyond. Whatever it is, it's so much bigger than we know. 

So the 'US' in this story isn't what matters. The 'YOU' is all that matters. If you want to find your purpose here on this planet, The Node Chronicles and The Hacker Way is a tool for you to figure that out. For just a few bucks here and there, you could become enlightened. Worst case, seriously entertained. If not, we'd like to hear from you. Tell us why and what we missed. Maybe it will show up in the next chapter. 

And to all our thousands of fans fighting the good fight, becoming more educated and leading the way, we thank you and praise you. You deserve a life filled with all your desires. 

© 2020 Franck Jones - All rights reserved.

Christian Colbert

Christian Colbert was born and raised, in Oberlin, Ohio, and currently resides in Dearborn, Michigan. Christian primarily works digitally and with traditional pencil, pen and ink. He’s inspired by the world around him, music, film, television, and pop culture. Colbert has been illustrating and designing for nearly two decades, with such professional credits as Spider-Man, Guardians of the Galaxy, and Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. His knack for illustrating faces, coloring, and lettering helps separate Node Chronicles from other comic books and education products.