Words are Weapons

Words are Weapons

We at Node know this all too well. What if we do a breakthrough? What if people, of all ages, read our stuff and start to think? What if our thoughts become theirs? What if readers start speaking the words our books use? What if linguistic relativity were dangerous? 

Einstein was a coward. What if we told you that? What if we think it was irresponsible of him to create the weapons he did when he did and how many lives were lost as a result? What if that pisses people off who think the atom bomb stopped the war? Or that the soldiers who watched the bombs go off, and died at early ages of Leukemia deserved it, for being in the military in the first place.

Educators have a very real responsibility to tread carefully around sentences and claims like these. They have the responsibility to remain neutral and not talk about crap like this in the classroom. 

We are the anti-whatever you want to call it. Don’t expect Node Chronicles to try and lie to teenagers. They are smarter than we are. They are the smartest generation, always, they are the next you and me. 

Without trying to stir up any trouble, Node Chronicles uses the word SHIT and CRAP for a very good reason. We’re marking our territory and not changing for anyone. This may very well be the first class you ever take that’s this honest. 

The reason it has to be is simple. Technology is not a joke. If history has taught us anything about technology, it’s one thing: Technology is NOT A JOKE. It’s killed our planet, people and there’s actually a good reason teens might be naturally wary of it. Maybe they’re not trying to repeat our mistakes. 

Unfortunately, we just can’t lay down our weapons here. We must use our words to create a balance amongst it all. We must open the minds of everyone in order to do so. The only way is truth and honesty.