Why are magic cards so addicting?

Why are magic cards so addicting?

At Node Chronicles Inc we like to think about off topic things like this. Stolen from this Reddit post, we found these answers to the question of all questions:

  • Competitive and ever changing strategy game with enough randomization and depth to keep things interesting. It's thought provoking and I like winning.

  • You have an excuse to meet other introverted people. Not everyone is introverted that plays Magic, but a lot of us are, and we wouldn't find each other without some activity that forces us to interact.

  • I like strategy games.

  • Cool Art. Dragons.

  • The customizability and wide array of decks, cards and strategy gives a lot of room for creation and self-expression. And some people really are just happy having a deck that they feel expresses their desire to be a complete jerk and blow up all of your lands in EDH.

  • Satisfies my compulsive collecting needs. Looking at and organizing the stuff I've accumulated feels satisfying. People can get really into a fluctuating collectable market, too.

  • Because gambling is fun. Going infinite on MODO? Getting into the money at a tournament? Cracking that Mythic Rare? All these feel really good.

  • Because your friends do it.

  • Because we like games and we wish we were still young and without responsibility but minus all that awkward stuff you still try to forget about.

  • For the competitive player, it can be an excuse to travel for tournaments to places you normally wouldn't go.

  • Edit: And it's much more fun than that other thing you really ought to be doing instead of playing Magic, thinking about Magic, or reading about Magic on reddit.

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