Who writes Node Chronicles and why is it so different from anything on the market?

Who writes Node Chronicles and why is it so different from anything on the market?

Node was originally written by a man who struggled to get his kids into coding or anything science-related. His trials and tribulations with his sons and daughter nearly crushed his spirits at times. He struggled to find ways to motivate his kids, infuse ideas in their minds, convince them of the importance of being tech literate. 

All the while, it seemed like every adult and teacher Jones demonstrated to fell in love with the product and mission. Unfortunately, that wasn’t enough. Jones wanted teenagers to adopt the products, the way kids adopted Magic Cards, Harry Potter or Fortnite. 

Each time he approached kids, Jones was careful not to come off like another teacher trying to jam more school work down kids’ necks. Walking on eggshells not to freak teenagers out, he learned the hard way about all the barriers. 

Jones, struggling thinking about all the happy faces in product ads for science kits and coding apps for kids, almost gave up. At some point, the writer felt disappointed at how cool and popular his own kids were. He began to wish his kids weren’t such great athletes and didn’t have so many friends. 

Jones continued to struggle with this problem for 3 more years. The more he tore himself apart, the deeper he searched for the answer, never stopping. Jones had incidentally wound up with $350,000 in art and not a single product on the market. He had borrowed money from everyone in town, was in debt, and had nightmares about investors wanting to kill him for never actually producing any sales. 

Last year, a real break came. Jones started reading his newest books to other kids besides his own and found his products scored really high in terms of experience. After traveling the city and meeting with kids he had never met before, he found a path to launching the way he needed to - genuinely. 

He continued pushing and began to meet incredible people willing to help get the company up on its feet.

Haunted by thoughts of people not trusting him, of readers unwilling to believe in a creator incapable of steady producing and what’s worse, missing the opportunity to actually make a difference with the teenage demographic, Jones never once stopped producing material. The challenge only made him work harder. He went deeper and set impossible goals, forgoing and sacrificing everything. 

By 2019, Node Chronicles was no longer about making a comic book series. It was about developing a new framework for teaching one of the most impossible demographics in the world - teenagers.

Lurking in his basement for almost all of 2020, Jones realized that there were actually four groups of people benefiting from the NodeChron beta framework. 

  1. Adult comic book lovers who love tech. 
  2. Parents who shared his struggle with teenagers too cool for their own good.
  3. Educators looking for inspirational approaches to sharing the history of technology.
  4. An exploration tool for people in tech (young science enthusiasts, college students, and genuine technologists)

Realizing he couldn’t be everything to everyone, Jones accumulated enough data and confidence to pursue the next step. Jones spent all of 2020 working 100 hour weeks with artist Christian Colbert producing a complete set of products to attack the problem from every angle. Knowing the product will never be perfect, book 1, The Hacker Way, and the app was finally released and users can now purchase their books and get started collecting the digital assets the app offers for reading and processing the technology-infused fiction and non-fiction stories with extended animated content and app interaction. 

As Jones shares the kind of intimate stories like this with you, he only asks for one thing. Take part in this experiment and help him design a product that will someday, be good enough to promote to kids all over the world. No other serious entrepreneur or commercial product developer would ever do this.