The anti-school approach is new, and risky

The anti-school approach is new, and risky

OMG. What if all the schools avoided us. How would we still profit billions? That answer, coming right up. 

Scribes control the world in many ways. Once it was written, it became gospel, so they say. That’s very dangerous. Errrchhh… Screeching halt. 

This isn’t rated G school stuff filled with rainbows and butterflies. Node Chronicles has made some risky choices as a company. We care about our people so much, we’re willing to be called out. Anyone not trying to listen, got problems. 

This is a hobby for mature readers with big things to think about in their lives ahead. 

We’d rather be ourselves than a huge giant ball of cheese. We ain’t nothin’ than real people. It’s better than trying to make money by pleasing everyone, so no need to trip for us. Most people who end up with our books and materials aren’t even going to be in school when they use them anyhow.

When we told investors we wanted to use a couple innocent cuss words in our education materials, they got really nervous. Some even walked away. When we spoke to the former US Secretary of Education, he was worried about the use of the word Hacker in our books. Unwilling to even try to understand, he thought it would be better to distance himself. 

We’re not crazy either. A recent study of ours showed that there’s a huge market for people looking for our type of honesty. An education company not afraid to take a risk like this is completely non-conforming, and that’s why we like it.

If teens can play video games all day long simulating murder and war, they can at least try this. 

From the beginning, it was important to be ourselves when we teach. There’s no other way to put it. Even in the business world where we come from, we act this way. We are honest, funny, serious and have no problems talking about whatever. As creators, we wouldn’t want to live our lives any other way. No phony. 

Writing screenplays where characters spoke the way we do in real life isn’t a guaranteed recipe for success. Using slang in our works while examining tough life situations - like mental illness, discrimination, the rich and powerful, making money and lifes impossible journey, is another story. Not everything in Node Chronicles is peaches and cream. Not every learner cares about style, they just care about information. 

Just because we want this to feel like the furthest thing from school to our readers possible, doesn’t mean that we don’t have goals to teach vital information. Infact, we think we can use this wavelength with our readers to cram even more info in, help readers engage more willingly, in a way that doesn’t feel like more school work or boring. 

Why take the risk?

The choice of words used in a book are a style. Depending on what style you choose, a reader might feel a certain dryness or spark, a certain level or boring or fun, a certain level of aha or who cares. 

Not a lot of writers for education materials are like us. Jones and Colbert are 80’s babies and want to offer something that’s never been done before. Like as if break dancers taught history class, or rappers promoted being a geek. We’re twisting up education and flipping it on it’s head, and that’s just the way it’s going down at Node Chronicles. 

Like it or don’t.