Speeding up production cycles at Node Chronicles - we hear you.

Speeding up production cycles at Node Chronicles - we hear you.

We at Node have the deepest respect for independent artists who make their own comic books. They are some of the most beautifully illustrated and written graphic novels in the world. These entertaining books can take individuals years to make. 

Comic book teams are able to produce comics with great speed. The average cost is about $40-50k to produce 32-page takes about 3 months to produce an issue. Full publishing teams are able to then take the comic and get it out onto sales channels.

The writing in Node was rooted in a deep desire to speak to teenagers using thought experiments designed by a professional master in human-computer interaction. If you are familiar with this popular degree, you know how HCI experts spend their entire careers creating interfaces that gel with users to achieve a goal as elegantly as possible. 

What made this challenge unlike any other writing experiment was the impossible objective of: 

  1. Subconsciously teaching through storytelling for those not prepared for the extreme technical detail necessary to master technology

  2. The ability to translate common technology speak into a reading level for teenagers trying to digest a daunting reality

  3.  The incorporation of a gamified system for collecting accomplishments

The combination of these 3 principles created a nightmare for the original writer, Franck Jones. Topped with the desire to produce steady content using a consistent framework and methodology, it’s no secret this project nearly destroyed him. 

Over the past 5 years, Jones has written over 20,000 pages of content and built a foundation of research and artwork unlike any other set ever produced. No comic bookmaker has ever gone this far and endured this much pain producing a series. 

After doing more research, it now appears there is no comic book series that have ever integrated with a mobile app and learning framework in this way. Nothing even close can be found on the shelves of your local comic book store. 

With that, you, the reader, have been an integral part of the process as well. Node Chronicles has been quietly introducing its products for the past few years to limited groups of people before making its debut. Over the years, each and every reader has provided feedback to the writers, directly influencing the decisions we make.

With this in mind, it is important to understand:

  1. Node Chronicles will soon provide a steady stream of content necessary to explore the full spectrum of technology and life choices.

  2. Node Chronicles will continue to fight to become a real company capable of making an impact around the world.