New learning materials for teens and adults with a completely different tone, are here

New learning materials for teens and adults with a completely different tone, are here

Node Chronicles looks totally different from any other education platform on the market. The company has developed a new brand of education materials based on technology history and all fields using technology, but has done it so differently from other education systems. 

Most visual education systems tend to have that look - you know, that look. It’s hard to describe it but it’s sometimes the opposite of what a teenager might consider cool. It’s all very well written most of the time, but the graphics are filled with photo stock graphics and fake smiles and lies, and it always feels like more school work.

What if we could use stories and games, with a neat little vibe, to teach? What if we didn’t need to always be so upbeat and normal all the time as we did this? 

There’s a new breed of demographics Node Chronicles is actually trying to appeal to, one that is in for a very long ride. 

From the very moment we enter this world we are being taught by our environment. Like animals, whatever experiences we go through have an impact on the way we behave. If a lizard comes out from under a rock and only sees a hawk, the lizard will be careful about coming out from the rock. 

Humans are constantly taking input from their environment. The rate we are learning almost requires just as much unlearning and time off. Most trends don’t want to spend any more time than they need to try to learn. If it can be more fun, then that’s even better. 

What’s an example of making it fun? We have some theories. 

Time flies when reading a good story. Time doesn’t fly when reading about complicated subjects in a boring format. Use visual storytelling and time flies even faster. Infuse complicated material into visual storytelling and readers might get the picture faster. 

Use other mediums like phones, apps, collectible items and games to complement your stories and jam in only the critical facts.