A Truly, Open Book

A Truly, Open Book

Jones made the official to be an open book a long time ago. Not all of the revelations he’s had as a writer all dawned on him after he finally finished the book. As he looks back, he can clearly see some of his earliest drivers of the product at work. 

Spewing out a story, as a trained writer, happens naturally. The story has a beginning, middle, and end. There’s usually a protagonist, antagonist, and yada-yada. Jones read all the books and has written crap his whole life. Colbert, the illustrator, is actually a ten times better writer than Franck. 

Sticking a framework into the writing was the challenge. And it’s also not the writing part or explaining how technology works or doing a tutorial part that’s impossible either.

The hard part was selecting which technologies to cover, in such a limited space, with so much expensive art needed to paint a picture. You chose to read this article because you wanted an open book. Well, there you have one. 

We hope you think this is pathetic. Maybe this just isn’t worth your time. But there are people out there who do read this stuff, you know. There are people evaluating our product right now making decisions on whether to bring this into class, give this to their kids, push on this the way we do, and a lot more. There’s a lot more at stake than what meets the surface here. 

Let me ask you, what if Node does take off and we start delivering books all over the world, in places where kids don’t have great lives like kids like mine? Then what you son of a *****?

All jokes aside, we are not playing games here. We have a serious mission. If after downloading our app and reading what you need to read to collect your first set of digital assets, we are going to talk about this. You personally, and me the writer, are going to have a chat.

We can meet on Discord anytime and chat about this.